itstheproductSometimes, freelance B2B writers do everything right in terms of marketing and prospecting, but still fall short in securing high-paying gigs. Or they’re able to attract new clients, but not retain them.

In those cases, I’m often reminded of a post I read on Michael Hyatt’s blog back in 2007, titled “It’s The Product, Stupid.”

The main takeaway: Great marketing only makes a bad product fail faster.

In Hyatt’s words: “No amount of marketing savvy, salesmanship, or operational excellence can overcome a weak product. This is especially true when it comes to publishing.”

For those of us who write for a living, our words and ideas are our product.

Our ability to craft compelling, easy-to-digest content that advances our clients’ objectives is the linchpin of profitable client relationships — more so than a flashy website, diligent prospecting or a strong social media presence.

So how’s your writing? Is it effective in building trust? Does it attract and move readers to action?

You and I will never reach perfection, that’s for sure. Please don’t feel you must wait until your skills are top-notch to start building your freelance business — that’s not the point.

The point is this: As writers, it’s our job to continuously refine our craft.

Our “product” should be markedly better year after year.

The same goes for our writing process: With time, we should be able to produce better content faster, with less effort, wasted drafts or writer’s block.

The good news? That kind of quality and efficiency are within our reach.

Below are free or inexpensive, high-quality resources to help you strengthen your copywriting and storytelling muscle.

Free e-courses:

(Highly) Recommended reading:

Your mama was right: Practice makes perfect. (Or almost.)

And, in this case, practice makes profits.

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