I help ambitious business writers build profitable freelance businesses.

Highly profitable, in fact.
Hi, there. I’m Andrea. Imagine waking up on Mondays excited about the day ahead and the work on your plate — and making a darn good living doing what you love, whenever, wherever, and however you feel like it. Start Loving Mondays

My Story

For years I sat in a cramped cubicle, buried in spreadsheets and corporate bureaucracy, with little time for the kind of work I loved most: writing. The job that once lit me up left me drained and robbed me of quality time with my kids and ailing parents.

Fed up, I gave myself a six-month deadline to ditch my job and build the life I wanted — one that allowed me to make good money on my own terms and schedule.

When that deadline came, I fired my boss. Within five months of doing so, I leapfrogged my previous corporate salary by 20% working 20 hours/week. As demand increased, I began turning prospects away and cherry-picking my favorite and most profitable customers.

Talking with other freelancers, I soon realized this wasn’t normal. While other writers complained about long dry spells and difficulty securing high-paying gigs, I had no trouble finding clients despite charging higher rates.

Before long I began mentoring fellow writers, sharing tactics I’d used to score dream gigs with none of the anxiety or high pressure we typically associate with sales.

And that, my friend, is how this website came to be. My goal is to help you replicate those outcomes in your own business — minus the mistakes I’ve made.

What You Get Out of This

  • Learn how to build a profitable business as a B2B/B2C content writer so you can quit your job and do work you love.
  • Generate a healthy income on your own terms and schedule, working with people and projects that energize you — not suck you dry.
  • Avoid common mistakes and save countless hours from going down the wrong path.
  • Scale your business through new income streams and pricing models so your income can grow beyond your time and availability.

Street Cred

Prior to going solo as a freelance writer, I spent 14 years managing brands and marketing communications for large and small companies.

In fact, I was your ideal prospect — a marketer with a healthy content budget, in search of freelance writers.

And because I’ve been your prospect, I can teach you how to get inside buyers’ heads to score a quick “yes.” 

Your Turn

Could you use some help wooing high-paying customers and making a living on your own terms, from work you love? I’d be honored to help you along.

Register for free resources, then join fellow writers in our private Facebook group.

Let’s get you closer to your goals.

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